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ABB 42亿美元收购Baldor电气公司
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    ABB to acquire Baldor Electric Company
ABB收购Baldor 电气公司
November 30, 2010 - ABB will acquire Baldor in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $4.2 billion, including $1.1 billion of net debt.
Under the terms of the definitive agreement, which has been unanimously approved by both companies’ Boards of Directors, ABB will commence a tender offer to purchase all of Baldor’s outstanding shares for $63.50 per share in cash. The transaction represents a 41 percent premium to Baldor’s closing stock price on Nov. 29, 2010. The Board of Directors of Baldor will recommend that Baldor shareholders tender their shares in the tender offer. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2011.
The transaction closes a gap in ABB’s automation portfolio in North America by adding Baldor’s strong NEMA motors product line and positions the company as a market leader for industrial motors, including high-efficiency motors. Baldor also adds a growing and profitable mechanical power transmission business to ABB’s portfolio.
The transaction will substantially improve ABB’s access to the industrial customer base in North America, opening opportunities for ABB’s wider portfolio including energy efficient drives and complementary motors. This move comes at a time when regulatory changes in the US and other parts of the world will accelerate demand for energy efficient industrial motion products. The acquisition will strengthen ABB’s position as a leading supplier of industrial motion solutions, and will also enable ABB to tap the huge potential in North America for rail and wind investments, both of which are expected to grow rapidly in coming years.
“Baldor is a great company with an extremely strong brand in the world’s largest industrial market,” said Joe Hogan, ABB’s CEO. “Baldor’s product range and regional scope are highly complementary to ours and give both companies significant opportunities to deliver greater value to our customers.”
ABB首席执行官Joe Hogan表示:“Baldor是一家伟大的公司,在全球最大的工业市场拥有非常强大的品牌。Baldor的产品范围和地域范围对我们的互补性很强,这给两家公司带来了重大的机遇,以提供更高的价值给我们的客户。”
John McFarland, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Baldor, commented: “Our Board of Directors believes this transaction is in the best interest of our shareholders, our employees and our customers. It demonstrates the value our employees have created and the strength of our brand and products in the global motors industry. We are excited about the opportunity to join ABB’s worldwide family as we have always respected ABB. We are very pleased that ABB will locate its motor and generator business headquarters for North America in Fort Smith and we are confident that the combined global platform will be well positioned to capitalize on meaningful growth opportunities in the future.” John McFarland will stay with the combined business to support a successful integration.
Baldor董事会主席兼首席执行官John McFarland评论道:“我们董事会相信这一交易符合我们股东、员工以及客户的最大利益。它表明了我们员工创造的价值和我们的品牌和产品在全球电机行业的实力。我们很兴奋有加入ABB全球大家庭的机会,因为我们一直都很尊敬ABB。我们很高兴ABB将把其北美的电机和发电机业务总部放在Fort Smith,同时我们也有信心合并后的全球平台将能更好地把握未来有意义的发展机遇。”John McFarland将留在合并后的企业,以支持整合的成功。
“ABB is well known in the marketplace for premium, innovative and advanced products. We have respected them as both a market participant and a value-added supplier for many years,” said Ron Tucker, Baldor’s current President and COO, and CEO designate. Ron Tucker will run Baldor including the mechanical power transmission products business and ABB’s motor and generator business in North America after the transaction is completed.
Baldor现任总裁兼首席运营官,亦是候任首席执行官的Ron Tucker表示:“ABB以其高质量、创新和先进的产品而在市场上为人所知。这么多年来,我们尊敬她既是市场的参与者,同时也是价值附加供应商。”Ron Tucker将在交易完成后,负责包括机械动力传输产品业务在内的Baldor业务,以及ABB在北美的电机和发电机业务。
Baldor is based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and is a leading supplier in the large North American industrial motors industry. In addition, Baldor offers a broad range of mechanical power transmission products such as mounted bearings, enclosed gearing and couplings – used primarily in process industries – as well as drives and generators. The Baldor drives business will be combined with the larger ABB drives business to achieve even further penetration of this important product line.
Baldor总部设在阿肯色州Fort Smith,是北美大型工业电机行业的领先供应商。此外,Baldor提供种类齐全的机械动力传输产品,如主要用于加工工业的安装轴承、封闭式齿轮和联轴器,以及驱动器和发电机。Baldor的驱动业务将与更大的ABB驱动业务合并,以实现这一重要产品线的进一步市场渗透。
Baldor employs approximately 7,000 people and reported an operating profit of $184 million on revenue of $1.29 billion in first nine months of 2010. This represents an increase of 30% in operating profit and 11% in revenue over the comparable period in 2009.
The US market for high-efficiency motors is expected to grow 10 to15 percent in 2011on the back of new regulations, effective in December this year. Similar regulations in Canada, Mexico and in the European Union are expected in 2011.
“ABB and Baldor will be able to offer our North American and global customers an unparalleled range of high-efficiency industrial products and services to help them meet their new demands,” said Ulrich Spiesshofer, Executive Committee member responsible for ABB’s Discrete Automation and Motion division, into which Baldor’s business will be integrated alongside the existing Motors and Generators business. “We expect to achieve over $200 million in annual synergies by 2015, consisting of more than $100 million annual cost synergies and at least the same global revenue synergies. We estimate two-thirds of these synergies will be realized by 2013. We intend to build on Baldor’s excellent North American position to sell energy efficient drives, larger motors and generators. Together, we will accelerate the expansion of Baldor’s mechanical power transmission product portfolio into the global process automation market using ABB’s strong channels in this sector.”
负责ABB离散自动化和运动部门的执行委员会成员Ulrich Spiesshofer表示:“ABB和Baldor将能够为我们的北美和全球客户提供范围空前的高效率工业产品和服务,以帮助他们应付新的要求”Baldor的业务将整合到ABB目前现有的电机和发电机业务.“我们预计到2015年实现每年2亿美元以上的协同效应,包括每年1亿美元以上的成本协同效应以及至少相同数量的全球营收协同效应。我们估计这些协同工作的三分之二将在2013年实现。我们计划以Baldor在北美的良好地位为基础销售节能驱动、大型电机以及发电机。同时,利用ABB在过程自动化市场的强大渠道,我们将加快Baldor机械动力传输产品组合在这一领域的全球扩展。”
“We are deeply impressed by the skill and passion of the Baldor team and their excellent customer relationships,” Spiesshofer said. “The strength of Baldor’s people and executive team, which will continue under the new ownership, will play a key role in our mutual success.”
ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 117,000 people.
Baldor Electric Company (NYSE: BEZ) markets, designs and manufactures industrial electric motors, mechanical power transmission products, drives and generators. Baldor employs approximately 7,000 people and is headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA.
Baldor电气公司设计、制造并销售工业电机、机械动力传输产品、驱动器以及发电机。Baldor员工约7000人,总部设在美国阿肯色州Fort Smith。


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